Commercial Upholstery

Our customers include restaurants, fitness clubs, catering services, auditoriums and other businesses. We understand that the appearance and comfort of a business's seating is an integral part of its success. We also know that it is important for a business to stay running during restoration projects. Our professional services are designed to keep your business operating with as little interruption as possible. We will arrange a work schedule that best suits your business needs.

We provide the following upholstery services and products for our
commercial customers:

  • Seating reconstruction
  • New seating and pad construction
  • Select professional grade fabrics and materials
  • Shipping to our customers

Let us service your next Commercial Upholstery project!

Ceneviva's Upholstering Company, Inc. provides commercial and on-site upholstery services for the discerning business owner. Quality upholstery service and customer satisfaction are our goals. Reupholster your existing seating and enjoy substantial savings over the cost of purchasing new.

For a free estimate, contact us toll-free at (800) 640-7073 or email us.